[unisog] token based access (WAS: Re: [unisog] VPN Protection of Wireless Networks)

Anne Bennett anne at alcor.concordia.ca
Wed Dec 19 19:23:59 GMT 2001

wilfred.camilleri at utoronto.ca writes:

> At the UofT we have been using SecurID tokens for the past five years to 
> authenticate Admin users (about 3,000) to our production systems.  We're 
> using the pin-pad tokens.

Yes, this is the type of thing I'm thinking of, not something which
requires a reader at each machine.  I'd like a technology that can be
used from offsite, or from people's personal machines, without addition
of hardware, and preferably with minimal software changes.

BTW, I received in private e-mail a suggestion to look at


which I did, though I can't tell offhand from the web site what exactly
the components are.  Perhaps more detailed reading will bear fruit...

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