[unisog] large volume of files per filesystems

John Meyers john.meyers at wright.edu
Tue Dec 25 19:42:17 GMT 2001

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Jim Ennis wrote:

> Hello,
> I am looking for any working solutions for having to hold 6-10,000,000
> files in a single filesystem (webct).  We are currently using Solaris 7,
> ufs, Veritas Netbackup 3.2, Veritas Volume Manager 3.0.4 to manage and
> backup the filesystem.  The filesystem is taking too long to backup with
> the current architecture (backup over private gigabit network to DLT7000
> tape drives on a Sun L1800).

> What have other people done to handle the backup of lots of little files
> with a short backup window?  Any preferred (working) solutions that you
> would recommend?
 Hi Jim.

 Unfortunately I don't have a working solution, but I'm in the same type
 of situation.  From what I've read the Veritas Flashbackup product (which
 integrates with NetBackup) was designed specifically for this task.
 It basically creates a file/directory map of the filesystem then does
 the equivalent of a raw volume backup.  The nice part is that using
 NetBackup, you can still perform file level restores.

 I'm hoping to evaluate the product over the next month or so.

 John Meyers
 Computing Services
 Wright State University
 E-Mail: john.meyers at wright.edu

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