Unanticipated side effect of .ida worm

DelVecchio, Anthony R. ARDELVECCHIO at stthomas.edu
Thu Jul 19 23:10:43 GMT 2001

Now that things are under control, I thought I'd mention the side effect
that kicked the whole thing off me today.

I started receiving reports from our Helpdesk that our HP 4000TN's were
being reset and required a power cycle in order use them again (HP
apparently builds in a web server apparently didn't like this either).  This
happily coincided with the time the worm started. As soon as I blocked all
incoming port 80, we no longer had this problem.  

Tony DelVecchio
Network Security Manager
University of St Thomas
St Paul, MN USA
"Power corrupts.  Absolute power is kind of neat."
John Lehman - Former Secretary of the Navy

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