[unisog] What Email Attachments Do You Block?

Dan Marple marpled at emu.edu
Tue Jul 24 17:24:36 GMT 2001

We currently run sendmail on a Linux box.  Sendmail uses Sophos 
to detect viruses.  In the first week of using Sophos we caught over 
200 viruses.  When a virus is detected, the email is bounced with a 
message politely stating that we don't accept viruses.

We don't block any attachments, but if viruses appear to be getting 
through, we will block all attachments which appear to be 
executables (not sure how yet - maybe by extension, maybe by 
the mime encoding type).  Since there is rarely a need to email an 
executable, we WILL convince our users to obtain them in a 
different way.

Incidentally, since February of this year, we have been using 
Sophos on all desktops (Windows, Macs, Linux), all Netware 
servers and recently on our mail server.  We went from being out-of-
control with viruses to having almost no helpdesk calls with 
problems caused by viruses.  We tried all of the well-known 
antivirus solutions.  Only Sophos has worked, and worked well, on 
all platforms.

Daniel E. Marple, Sr. (Dan)
Network Security Engineer
Eastern Mennonite University
email: marpled at emu.edu
fax:   (540)432-4444
tel:   (540)432-4479

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