[unisog] What are doc.bin files?

Steve VanDevender stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Wed Jul 18 23:24:34 GMT 2001

Barbara Inzina writes:
 > People here are starting to get email attachments with file names that
 > end in "doc.bin".
 > They are having trouble reading them.  They appear to be Word documents,
 > but the ".bin" confuses some of the email client programs.
 > Surfing to find out what they are, we found at least one web site that
 > said:
 > "The file has been called guide.doc.bin to help ensure reliable download
 > using a web browser, but after downloading you should rename the file
 > guide.doc)"
 > Does anyone know what this is?   Was I asleep while a new technique for
 > encoding attachments was invented?

Many Microsoft Windows viruses/worms exploit the default behavior of
some common Windows applications to strip off the last extension on a
file when displaying a filename.  So a ".doc.bin" file would be shown as
".doc", but it would be handled internally as a ".bin" (executable?).
I'd be very suspicious of the attachment you describe.

We actually exploit this behavior to our advantage in a procmail virus
filter we use on our UNIX mail hosts, which adds ".txt" to the
attachment file name for some common executable content types used in
Windows viruses.

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