[unisog] What are doc.bin files?

Pascal Meunier pmeunier at cerias.purdue.edu
Thu Jul 19 00:46:15 GMT 2001

     .bin usually denotes files compressed on a Mac (.bin is supposed 
to have a better compression than .hqx).  Some Mac email programs may 
compress their attachments that way.  It may or may not be what you 
are seeing.

Pascal Meunier

>People here are starting to get email attachments with file names that
>end in "doc.bin".
>They are having trouble reading them.  They appear to be Word documents,
>but the ".bin" confuses some of the email client programs.
>Surfing to find out what they are, we found at least one web site that
>"The file has been called guide.doc.bin to help ensure reliable download
>using a web browser, but after downloading you should rename the file
>Does anyone know what this is?   Was I asleep while a new technique for
>encoding attachments was invented?
>Barbara Inzina
>Network Manager
>Marine Biological Laboratory
>Woods Hole, Massachusetts


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