[unisog] Code Red infected addresses

John Kristoff jtk at depaul.edu
Tue Jul 31 18:15:21 GMT 2001

Peter Burkholder wrote:
> In the immediate aftermath of Code Red (phase 1), someone posted a list of
> infected IP addresses (based on httpd logs, I guess).    Would someone
> be able to mail me that list, or point me to a URL?  The message hasn't
> made it to the Archives, or I wouldn't need to be posting.

I think that was me.  Note, I did not include timestamp and timezone
info on the list (my bad), but if I do it again I'll be sure to include
it.  I do have the info, but haven't bothered to post a new version.  If
you need it for a few specific IPs, let me know via private email and
I'll dig it up.  I was going to delete this copy shortly.  I'll leave it
online a little longer, it can be found here:


If we see much outbreak again over the next couple of days, maybe I'll
do another one.


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