Precautions against Code Red

Anderson Johnston andy at
Tue Jul 31 19:52:23 GMT 2001

Getting ready for 0 UTC ...

-	IDS has rules for detecting requests with ".ida?" to port 80, inbound or
	outbound, with or without size constraints.

-	IDS has rules logging tcp, udp and icmp traffic to whitehouse IP
	targeted by Code Red.

-	Webcache is filtering incoming and outgoing port 80 requests for strint
	"default.ida" and rejecting them.  It's also generating a daily report of
	the rejects.

-	Mini-honeypots (netcat) set up on IP's purposely left out of webcache

-	Running a second scan for vulnerable hosts to see how first round of
	patches went.

I anyone can think of a last-minute preparation I'm missing, please let me
know.  This is good practice for the next, meaner, nastier version.

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