[unisog] Size Limit on E-Mail Attachments

Sheila Hollenbaugh shollen at cs.wright.edu
Mon Nov 5 14:06:08 GMT 2001

I am not sure exactly what you mean by a "well-managed" anonymous ftp site, but
I have a true story to relate which should make anyone hesitant to allow any
kind of anonymous write access via ftp.  One Friday one of our users asked that
we create a special area for one of his collaborators to (anonymously) upload
some data over the weekend.  Being naive, we agreed, and created the area.
 Monday morning we received a call from a co-employee on the other side of
campus informing us that we were on a published list of great FTP sites to
obtain (illegal) software.  Over the weekend not only had some enterprising
person found the anonymous site, scanned it for writeable directories, set up
the warez, and published the address.

Needless to say, we no longer allow any kind of write access via anonymous ftp,
though we do allow our people to put up files for download. If we create an
area for collaborative work which requires uploads, it always has a login and
password.  As a side note, we regularly see scans for anonymous ftp access, and
assume that the scans may just be looking for writeable areas on sites which
allow anonymous ftp.

On Nov 3, 12:43pm, Gene Rackow wrote:
> Subject: Re: [unisog] Size Limit on E-Mail Attachments
> I've never seen a warez site appear on a well managed anonymous
> ftp site.  They do spring up on sites that allow it to happen,
> but there is no need for an anon ftp site to be useful as a
> warez stash.  We use anon-ftp for lots of collaborations.
> It is also possible to use web servers for transfers of data.
>-- End of excerpt from Gene Rackow

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