[unisog] Chronicle of Higher Ed. article on NetPD

Ben Hockenhull benh at webster.edu
Wed Nov 7 22:41:50 GMT 2001

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Paul L Schmehl wrote:

> We use NAT in the residence halls.  That's even worse.  At the present time 
> we have no way of verifying who was using a particular IP at a particular 
> time.  So, even if we could ID the user, by the time we did that (by 
> grepping logs for MAC addresses associated with an IP - if the user is 
> still online - there's no logging) and associated their IP/MAC with a name 
> and physical location, they could be in class/eating/at the library/you 
> name it.

Our entire campus is behind a NAT device, and the only way inbound setup
connections are allowed is to specifically configure them in our firewall.
Yet, we've gotten several notifications from NetPD that IPs in our NAT
pool have infringed, and always with the same Michael Jackson song.

Folks from the outside *can't* connect to an inside host and grab a file,
so the only way we could be infringing is if our users are uploading
files.  So, to say that I'm dubious of NetPD's verification methods would
be a fair assessment.


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