Mail Virus/Trojan Scanners

Drew Schaffner drew at
Fri Nov 9 17:08:16 GMT 2001

We are currently looking into options for implementing
a virus/trojan scanner for our mail gateway running on
a Linux platform. I would like to get feedback from the
members of this list on their experiences with the
following tools, or possibly ones I've missed. Also
feedback regarding experiences with the actual scan
engines (Sophos, Trend Micro, NAI, AVP, etc..) would
be appreciated.

Considerations for a product include price for the
scan engine and keeping it current from year to year,
scanning of inbound as well as outbound messages, and
timely signature updates.

I don't want this to turn into a thread agruing the
pros and cons of server side versus desktop scanning,
just looking for experiences with the tools used to
implement server side scanning.


E-mail Sanitizer

Anomy mail sanitizer


Drew Schaffner
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