Machine readable version of Notification

Bruce Ward Bruce at
Tue Nov 13 17:44:32 GMT 2001

Greg has suggested that 'NetPD and other copyright enforcement agents / bounty hunters' could provide a machine readable version of the notification to assist you in automating your actions.  XML has been suggested as a possible file format.

Would other members of the list be interested in 'machine readable' data?

If so what would your preferred format be?

Is XML better for you than perhaps a tab delimited text file?

By the way, we have decided to implement a GPG signature on our notifications.  .  A GPG key will be issued for the role 'Client-Notifications' with a separate key created for each client.  The signature should begin appearing on outgoing messages from '*-notifications at' later this week.

"Johnson, Greg" wrote:

> It would be cool if identifying information is provided in a consistent,
> plaintext machine readable form in the note body with case reference IDs, so
> we all can automate what could be a voluminous task.  XML comes to mind.

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