[unisog] Shutting off sharing capacity of PtoP applications

H. Morrow Long morrow.long at yale.edu
Thu Nov 29 00:58:32 GMT 2001

"West, Ken" wrote:
> Is anyone aware of a script that could be run to just turn off the P2P
> settings in all of these programs?  I envision something that makes the
> changes in the registry, if the keys exist and runs at login making them all
> useless.
> Ken

There are Mac (and even some Linux) versions of some P2P apps
so 'Registry' settings wouldn't do it for all users.

If you want a reliable solution to the Internet traffic problem with
P2P apps -- particularly with outbound traffic -- one of the easiest
methods of control is with a bandwidth management / traffic shaping
device such as the Packeteer(TM) or bandwidth management functionality
within firewalls (such as Checkpoint FW1) or even within routers (Cisco
routers in later IOS versions can do some bandwidth management -- though
typically not at the same level of granularity, functionality and ease of
use as the 'best of breed' specific products).

You can address the class of P2P apps by contraining their Internet bandwidth 
in total, per protocol/port, per session, per IP address, per subnet,
etc within a traffic shaping / bandwidth management device.  You can do this
for either incoming traffic, outgoing or both.  You could completely block 
certain apps if this was your institution's desired policy.

- Morrow
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