[unisog] Size Limit on E-Mail Attachments

Martin Radford Martin.Radford at bristol.ac.uk
Sun Nov 4 10:56:43 GMT 2001

On Sat, 3 Nov 2001, Mitch Collinsworth wrote:

> > We're currently planning to implement a system for our users which will
> > allow them to upload large files to a server which will make them
> > available on the web.  Users will authenticate themselves when they
> > upload files to the server (so we can identify misuse), and they will be
> > told the URL for the downloader(s) to use.  Users can then mail the URL
> > to the files' intended recipient(s).  The files will "expire" after a
> > fixed period and be deleted from the server.  The URLs will be randomly
> > generated to prevent them being guessed.
> So basically you're re-inventing the ftp server wheel...

Essentially, yes; however the twists are:

1. We plan to use HTTP form-based upload.  People are more likely to be
familiar with a web-based interface than FTP.

2. Users won't have accounts on the server (so no account maintenance is
required).  They won't have any direct access to the system other than
HTTP upload and download, and hence they should not be able to gain
access to other users' files without knowing the URL.

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