[unisog] Size Limit on E-Mail Attachments

Curtis Kline ckline at housing.ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 5 20:58:14 GMT 2001

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From: Jim Dillon [mailto:jim.dillon at cusys.edu]

>> training 2000 clueless individuals to use FTP 
>> is far more costly and unproductive than letting 
>> them attach 6MB files and emailing them IF, this 
>> is a big if, there is enough supporting bandwidth.  

My feeling is that a good NEW application needs to be provided.  Email,
FTP, http, and everything else out there that we techies are used to
using is generally either difficult for system admins to support on a
large scale, or difficult for the user to understand.

A collaborative file-sharing tool, written from scratch and provided as
a cross-platform web-based application would be ideal.  This tool would
be easy to use, avaialble to everyone with a web browser, and could even
be easily secured using SSL.  You still have the network bandwidth
usage, but few support or security issues.  Oh, and the tool should be
integrated into whatever standard directory service you are already
using to eliminate duplicate directories.

This is absolutely not a plug for a commercial product, because many
people on here would just write their own. But here's an _example_ of
something similar to what I'm talking about :


+ Curtis 

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