[unisog] Re: SUMMARY: Well-Managed Anon FTP site, what it is

Jose Nazario jose at biocserver.BIOC.cwru.edu
Tue Nov 6 17:02:08 GMT 2001

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, Jeff Bollinger wrote:

> Yes this has been a great discussion, and I'm glad people realize the
> dangers of Anon-FTP.  Does anyone have this up on the web?

aside from vendor docs (which are highly reccomended to be read), CERT put
together in their old tech tips some reccomendations:

	(ie PORT abuses, bounce attacks)

i hope this helps. note that wu-ftpd has fallen into heavy disfavor for
good reason. the code has glaring security holes still. however, the
configuration methods have been adopted by a number of decendants of

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