[unisog] off-topic: sendmail problems

Patrick O'Callaghan poc at usb.ve
Wed Nov 7 13:12:56 GMT 2001

On Tue, 2001-11-06 at 18:09, Russell Fulton wrote:
> Sorry, I know this is off topic but I can't think of anywhere else to 
> ask this one.
> Over night we had a minor disaster with our cyrus mail system.  The 
> user map became corrupt so sendmail decided that there were no cyrus 
> users on the system and delivered the mail to local mailboxes.  (The 
> bit of magic that stops this got lost from the sendmail.cf at the last 
> upgrade :( ) 
> Does anyone have a handy script that will take a directory of Berkeley 
> style mail boxes and pipe the messages back through sendmail.  I am 
> sure someone has already been here before!

Hi Russell

As others have said, the solution is "formail". Any idea how the
corruption occurred? We'll soon be installing Cyrus (but with Postfix
rather than Sendmail) and are interested in any gotchas.



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