[unisog] Chronicle of Higher Ed. article on NetPD

John K Lerchey lerchey at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Nov 7 20:17:57 GMT 2001

I have the same problems.  If the reporting agencies would provide log
files showing the download, I feel like I'd have much better ammunition.
I've received way too many reports with rediculous "evidence" like:


That's not valid in any tool I've ever seen or heard of, which makes it
much harder for me to verify their access claims.

If I report an attack or violation of any sort I include any log files
that I have that will a) help to verify my claims and b) will help the
person I'm complaining to to determine what happened.  If the folks in the
music industry are smart enough to find and download this stuff, why
aren't they smart enough to provide me with reasonable access logs so that
I can at least pretend to prove that it happened?

And yes, EVERY time the RIAA, MPAA or any of a half a dozen others sends
the complaint, part of my response is a plea for logs, which I never get.


John K. Lerchey
Computer and Network Security Coordinator
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On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, DelVecchio, Anthony R. wrote:

> The biggest problem I have when investigating complaints, is that I often
> can't easily prove the content currently exists and is publicly available.
> When a third party is using special tools to discover the infringing
> material, I have no way to independently verify the infringement. This is
> necessary since we use DHCP in the residence halls, and even with longer
> lease durations, I cannot guarantee that the infringing host and IP
> combination is still valid.
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> Today's daily report from Chronicle of Higher Education highlights an
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