[unisog] Chronicle of Higher Ed. article on NetPD

Bruce Ward Bruce at NetPD.com
Thu Nov 8 17:36:10 GMT 2001

I updated your contact information.  Sorry about the delay.

Now on to the question I would like to ask the list.  What would members of the list consider to be an acceptable digital signature for emails being sent out?

1.  A PGP key issued for the role 'Client-Notifications' where a key would be created for each client

2.  A personal PGP key issued to a NetPD Employee

3.  A key issued by a company (maybe Verisign) for the role

4.  Something that I have over looked?

My personal preference would be #1.

Also can anyone recommend ways of getting keys signed?  I am not currently a PGP user.

Rodney Meryweather wrote:

>         Also please provide a digital signature as required by DMCA. For without
> this you place the Universities and those you contact in a legal bind if the
> defendant in these cases were to decide to legaly turn the tables and come
> back and ask for the correctly formated complaint. For would NETPD then pay
> our lawyer fees?
>         I do believe and support that organizations like NETPD have a place and are
> attempting to do a job that is needed. But NETPD as well as others need to
> do it in the correct way.

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