[unisog] Mail Virus/Trojan Scanners

Jose Nazario jose at biocserver.BIOC.cwru.edu
Fri Nov 9 17:38:24 GMT 2001

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Drew Schaffner wrote:

> E-mail Sanitizer
> ftp://ftp.rubyriver.com/pub/jhardin/antispam/procmail-security.html

i have used and deployed this in a number of settings and found it to be a
great tool. its often more proactive than commercial tools becaue of the
rules it uses, based on regular expressions. it has limited features,
though, compared to some of the commercial tools and requires some decent
proficiency with UNIX to setup and maintain.

for a free product its stellar. performance isn't a problem at all.

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