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I'm on a committee to discuss and develop a mechanism for doing a 
technical review of new products/vendors, for projects that are 
developed internal to our IT group, as well as in consultation with 
other University divisions. There are many issues that come up in 
this process, so I'm interested to see how other universities handle 
this process. In particular:

1) Do you have any formal body for review of new projects? If so, is 
it just within your IT group, or across some portion of your 

2) How is review done (especially review of security concerns and 
issues)? Are there specific standards, a checklist of concerns, 
general policies, as hoc discussions? Web pages/forms you can point 
us to?

3) What happens if someone purchases a product or hires a vendor 
against your recommendation?

4) What are the potential pitfalls that we might encounter -- any 
disasters (or successes) that you didn't expect?

Thanks, Jane
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