Wireless Errata - Question about Handspring/Palm Wireless clients.

Jim Dillon jim.dillon at cusys.edu
Wed Nov 28 23:03:04 GMT 2001

OK, my brain is definitely over-tarched from Thanksgiving.  I used an 
Lucent Orinoco (the Gold card I believe) card with the IPAQ, not the CISCO 
card.  The Lucent client gives much better info.  CISCO was only useful for 
AiroPeek.  Sorry if any of you were wondering what planet I got off 
last.  I like the Lucent client, it has a good set of basic information 
available that is useful in discovery, good signal/noise/id type meters and 
drop-downs, and several of them (configurable) on a PC.  The IPAQ is a 
little thinner, but still good.

Anyone have any experience with wireless clients for Handspring PDAs?  I'd 
be interested in knowing if they would make a reasonable discovery 
client.  I had to borrow the IPAQ (thanks to Lynda McGinley of CS at CU) 
but would make the investment in the handspring module if I could get a 
couple of strong recommendations.

Best regards,


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