[unisog] Shutting off sharing capacity of PtoP applications

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Thu Nov 29 00:09:02 GMT 2001

I don't know of any existing one but, using file and registry monitors, on
Win32, it shouldn't be too hard to develop. I think that Windows Scripting
Host (WSH) would probably be the best tool to develop it in. WSH is
supported on Win95 and higher, can be used to read/write files and the
Registry, doesn't have to be compiled, and can be easily integrated into
existing Windows logon/off scripts. PERL is another option that could be
implemented pretty easily but, PERL for Win32 isn't widely used outside of
the developer/sysadmin clique so usage by users could be problematic.

Here's the link to Microsoft's MSDN WSH information:



Steve Bernard
Systems Engineer
George Mason University

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