[unisog] OpenBSD and Tripwire

Jose Nazario jose at biocserver.BIOC.cwru.edu
Thu Nov 29 22:42:41 GMT 2001

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001, Jeff Bollinger wrote:

> Has anyone been able to get Tripwire up and running on an OpenBSD
> system?  I'm running OpenBSD 2.9 on an i386 and I can't seem to get it
> going right (i.e. one version dumps core, the other can't find the
> right paths).  Tripwire isn't available as a port yet, so I think it
> has to be compiled from source.

we tried to port it and it was a mess. the new version at least. the old
version worked just fine (adopt the freebsd port, make some changes).

in security look for aide, a tripwire like product.

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