[unisog] Why are e-christmas cards all .EXE this year.

Phil Benchoff benchoff at vt.edu
Fri Nov 30 21:36:15 GMT 2001

Speaking of Christmas Trojans, here's a comment from a mailing list
in 1987:

>Received: by VTVM2 (Mailer X1.25) id 2758; Sun, 13 Dec 87 06:58:22 EST
>Date:         Fri, 11 Dec 87 17:07:09 EST
>Sender:       BITNIC MAIL-L List <MAIL-L at BITNIC>
>Subject:      Belated answer to question of students on the net, CHRISTMA EXEC
>I think that the proliferation of CHRISTMA EXEC is probably the best
>case to be made for not having students on the network. Now mind you,
>I am a fairly strong proponent of having students have full access to
>the net, but this incident will certainly have strong implications
>regarding people's opinions.

As I remember it, the list had been getting quite a bit of traffic
in the previous months debating the merits of letting students have
any network access at all.  Times have changed a bit. :-)


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