Personal Firewalls

Wilfred L. Camilleri, CISSP wilfred.camilleri at
Wed Apr 3 13:21:01 GMT 2002


The University of Toronto is looking into the use of Personal
Firewalls for staff and students.  I am looking for information
on what other universities are doing in this arena. Answers to the
following questions would be appreciated.

I will compile a summary of responses received and mail them to the 
list (no information on individual institutions will be broadcast).

1. Does the institution recommend firewall software to its users?

   If so, what products are recommended?

2. Does the institution provide licensed firewall software to 
   its users?

   - If so, which firewall software is made available?

   - Is the software provided:
     - free
     - at cost

   - What level of support is provided to the user?

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