[unisog] Brilliant/Kazaa [Was: Comments???]

Rita Seplowitz Saltz rita at princeton.edu
Wed Apr 3 13:56:17 GMT 2002

I am perplexed as to how a customer of any ISP (or, more to the point,
someone with a connection to a campus network) is empowered to authorize use
of available bandwidth by some other entity.    There is implicit
authorization  for bandwidth use affiliated with any file-sharing mechanism,
even "of the old school."  But the inference I draw from Borland's article
is that the potential for bandwidth-drain with Brilliant Digital's scheme is
far greater.

The "about us" page of Brilliant's web site describes the company as:

"A creative mesh of designers, animators, programmers, and entrepreneurs,
BDE¹s reason for being is web-delivered 3D animation. We create the
technology that makes eye-catching 3D on the web a reality, create the
content, and syndicate our popular webisodes, web videos and banner ads. "

A quick glance at their "press room" titles at:


reveals no mention of Kazaa or of the concept discussed in the Borland
article.   So apparently the concept is not worthy of their own press
release at this time.  Or I missed something.  (Either is possible!)

Rita Saltz
Policy and Security Advisor
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Princeton University
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