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Barbara Inzina binzina at mbl.edu
Wed Apr 3 19:21:19 GMT 2002

So, since our Institution already has in place a ban on users "signing away the rights
to Institution property", can we talk about how to block this mess?

Barbara Inzina
Network Manager
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, Massachusetts

"Harris, Michael C." wrote:

> Since when do our individual users have the contractual ability to sign away the rights to University property?
> If you take the view that our shared computing ability and our bandwidth is a valued resource and is university property, it can not be signed away as easily as a user clicking on an "I agree box" in a piece of software.  This never stops the user community but does give us some ground to stand on when blocking this traffic, or forcing removal of this kind of software.
> I'd be interested in University Policy or legal review, rather than my myopic view from the trenches
> Mike
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