[unisog] PC hack

Anderson Johnston andy at umbc.edu
Wed Apr 3 21:24:01 GMT 2002

Can you describe how you discovered that the first three machines were
compromised?  (No problem if you can't talk about it.  Just curious.)

				- Andy Johnston

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Jenett M. Tillotson wrote:

> I have some more information on our PC hack.  I thought others might be
> interested in what we've found.
> We had 4 machines compromised.  All were running Windows 2000 with the
> latest security patches.  All had user (non-administrator) accounts with
> administrator privileges and easy to crack passwords.  The attack happened
> on March 26th in the evening.  There were other machines on campus that
> were attacked throughout the day on the 26th, although I haven't heard of
> any other successful hacks.
> The payload was a Serv-U ftp server and a Ataman telnetd server.  The
> telnet server was running on port 7000.  A quick scan for port 7000 on our
> network turned up the 4th machine.  I would highly recommend that everyone
> scan for port 7000 on their networks.
> Also, it doesn't seem like the hacker was actively doing anything with the
> machine since the breakin.  It appears that this was a bot that first
> breaks into the machine, and then the hacker was planning on coming back
> later to do something with the machine.
> Please email me anymore information you have on this.  I'm trying to track
> down IP addresses for the hackers, so any information alongs those lines
> would be great.
> Thank you to everyone who responded about this.  I've received some great
> information from the people on this list.
> Jenett Tillotson
> School of Pharmacy
> Purdue University

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