Blocking NIGERIAN Fraud Spam

Jim Dillon Jim.Dillon at
Fri Apr 5 18:56:32 GMT 2002

Have any of you been partially successful in blocking the various "Nigerian
Petroleum" and "Banking" fraud spams that have been running around for
awhile?  If you have taken any actions to block these messages rather than
relying on simply informing the uninformed to get a clue, I'd like to know
what it was you did, if it has been successful.

We've had several folks contact our office about the messages in just the
last few days, an irritating reflection on people's gullibility, and our
local FBI people have indicated a number of our local
residents/businesses/churches have lost their lunch to them. 

If you think that the sheer volume and variety of this sort of thing
warrants not even attempting to block them, but rather warrants nothing more
than "inform the populace" type messages, I'd appreciate hearing that
opinion.  Given the number of requests for help we've received, I'm
reluctant to give up on a technical solution, but if the majority thought is
education is the only solution, I'd like to confirm that.

Thanks in advance for your opinion or assistance.


Jim Dillon, CISA
IT Audit Manager
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