[unisog] Blocking spam in general

Daniel MacKay Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Sat Apr 6 00:25:01 GMT 2002

My clever jr. and sr. systems programmers built a system, with the PerlMX
engine from Active State at its heart, that tests every piece of email
entering the university with dozens (hundreds? I haven't asked lately) of
different spam tests (about 100 pieces per minute during a business day),
and, if the tests indicate spam, adds a header like this:


so the users can then set their favourite mail user agent to transfer
anything with that header into a "Spam" folder (or if they trust us, trash

Notice that it's a URL; if the user wants to find out why we think it's
spam, he or she just pastes it into a browser.

This is obviously an opt-in system, and allows the user to decide what to
do with the suspicious items.  On the flip side, it will be a lot of
end-user handholding (we've only told UCIS staff about it so far.)

I'm told I'll be presenting a paper on this at Net 2002 in New Brunswick,


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