[unisog] Handling Rejected eMail Notifications

E. Larry Lidz ellidz at eridu.uchicago.edu
Wed Apr 10 19:03:29 GMT 2002

Gary Flynn writes:
>Do you change what you do depending upon whether the sender
>is internal or external?
>Who do you send the notification to?

I'll just make one comment in here -- this morning, one of the messages
sent to this list had something that a bunch of virus programs thought
was a virus signature (which is odd, as it didn't *actually* have any
evil code in it). Within seconds of the message being sent out, I
received over a dozen messages, to the list address, saying that the
message had been squashed as it contained a virus. (Which, obviously, I
killed in the moderation process -- one of the main reasons why this
list is moderated).

So, as a list administrator, I would strongly encourage people who are
implementing these systems to make sure that they handle mailing lists
in a sensible fashion.


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