[unisog] Automated analysis of Cisco log files

Daniel Poulsen bpoulsen at uwm.edu
Mon Apr 15 14:28:11 GMT 2002

Hi Joshua,

We use Campus Manager (Part of Cisco's Ciscoworks 2000) here at UWM.  This
will do a lot more than syslogs, but its a bit on the spendy side.  I've found
the mose useful feature of the syslog analysis part of Campus Manager is the
security summary matrix.  It will give you a matrix based on alert level and
you can navigate the matrix but clicking on the number of accumulated alerts.


On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Joshua Wright wrote:

> What techniques and tools are being used to monitor syslog files from Cisco
> routers and switches?  I have read the white paper from Networking Unlimited
> (http://www.networkingunlimited.com/white007.html), and am curious about the
> tools and processes in use by other subscribers.
> Has anyone written a perl tool to slurp in a log file and generate a summary
> report based on message ID's, the number of times they appear and the
> devices associated with these ID's?  This sounds attractive to me, but I
> would rather not recreate the wheel if someone else has already coded it up.

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