[unisog] Comments???

Christopher E. Cramer chris.cramer at duke.edu
Wed Apr 3 02:01:55 GMT 2002

Could be an April Fool's joke, but there are reports dating back at least
to late last year discussing the relationship between Briliant Digital and
Kazaa - just not what exactly Brilliant Digital would be doing.  Also, I
just downloaded and started the Kazaa installation and found (tacked on to
the end of the kazaa license) the Brilliant Digital license with exactly
the clauses mentioned in the article.

Since the article seems to be accurate with regards to what Brilliant
Digital might do, one thought is that I don't know if users may sign away
the University's rights to its bandwidth.  I need to speak with our legal 
counsel, but I'm thinking that the University can send a warning to 
Brilliant Digital that they may not use our University's bandwidth w/o oir 


On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Skelton, Hank wrote:

> I wonder if the date on the news story is significant - ???
> Hank Skelton
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