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David Lundy lundy at
Wed Apr 3 18:58:01 GMT 2002

I am being offered a part-time position as a security coordinator.  I am
looking for resources.

The position is my university's first step in getting security staff.
Right now there is not funding for a full time security officer.  A security
policy has been written and review and acceptance by administration and
academic committees is nearly complete.  The policy calls for a security
officer.  The immediate need is for someone to handle requests for exceptions
to policy, do some campus education and to develop incidence response
resources and procedures.  This is supposed to be a 10% to 20% of my time.
This position reports to the CIO.

While the small time allotted is clearly inadequate for a security officer
position, my bosses recognize this.  They are trying to define the position
so that a start can be made until funding is available for a full time

This is an area in which I want to grow.  Administration is willing to fund
some training.  My background is unix administration.  I've done some
reading on security as part of my reading to stay up with IT in general, but
I've not focused on security from administrative point of view.  It appears
that the expections I face here are reasonable given the limited time I
will be able to devote.  The position does not involve hands-on network or
server security work.  My immediate focus will be academic security issues.
I plan on taking on this job.

I would like to know what resources those of you who are doing the 
administrative side of security and those involved in incidence response
have found useful.  Also, what kind of educational programs work in a 
university setting to improve security awareness?  I would also appreciate
contacts that might field questions from time to time.  What have you
found helpful?  Is pursuing CISSP certification a worthwhile project in
my situation?  What training have you found worthwhile?

Dave Lundy

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