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You might also check with the upstream to see if they have any relevant take. 

As an example, the University of Missouri - System's statewide network for the Missouri public sector has a history of prohibiting any user's attempt to alienate University property, virtual or otherwise. We treat registration of personally owned domains on University IPs as alienation. Our policy (which is part of the connection contract) expressly forbids commercial use of the network if not explicitly authorized by the Board of Curators. 

Brilliant's a commercial entity, and if the user is granting permission to use University resources to a commercial company withour prior authorization, it's not a great leap to treat it as an AUP violation for us. In turn, the same contract requires the downstream network follow our AUP. They can be more restrictive, but not less. 

(Mike, we're working up an advisory...)


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Since when do our individual users have the contractual ability to sign away the rights to University property?  

If you take the view that our shared computing ability and our bandwidth is a valued resource and is university property, it can not be signed away as easily as a user clicking on an "I agree box" in a piece of software.  This never stops the user community but does give us some ground to stand on when blocking this traffic, or forcing removal of this kind of software.

I'd be interested in University Policy or legal review, rather than my myopic view from the trenches


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