[unisog] Blocking spam in general

Patrick Aland paland at stetson.edu
Fri Apr 5 20:00:44 GMT 2002

We block domains as we receive complaints about them, i.e.
optin-offers.com. If it is obviously a spam domain, per example, we
block it no questions asked, if it isn't (hotmail.com etc) we try and
send to the abuse/postmaster addreses and let them handle it. We don't
use any of the blackhole services simply because of problems in the past
where they block domains for reasons other than relaying spam, etc.
All blocking is done with sendmail accessdb feature.


On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 11:37:34AM -0800, Beattie, Karen wrote:
> I'm curious to know how other universities handle spam.  Do you block it?  If so, how?  If you don't, what do you tell your users who complain about the amount of spam they're receiving?
> Karen
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