[unisog] Blocking spam in general

Daniel MacKay Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Sat Apr 6 10:17:37 GMT 2002

At 01:53 02/4/6, Mike Zanker wrote:
>On 05 April 2002 20:25 -0400 Daniel MacKay <Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca> wrote:
>> X-Is-Spam-Why:http://linus.ucis.dal.ca/cgi-bin/explain.pl?NO_REAL_NAM
>> E,SUBJ_
>Did your programmers write it or have they just hacked SpamAssassin
>(www.spamassassin.org)? Here's the header added by SpamAssassin:
>> X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=9.0 required=5.0
>> G_LINE,SUBJ _HAS_UNIQ_ID version=2.11
>Still, I like the addition of the URL into the X-header.

Ha ha!! no, it was convergent design.  My programmers built the first
version with a numeric codes, but I wanted people to be able to cut and
paste into the browser, I hadn't looked at Spam Assassin or we probably
would have used exactly the same format.  Obviously we did rip off the
SpamAssasin code, the text symbols are the same.

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