[unisog] Blocking NIGERIAN Fraud Spam

cam {Cam Beasley, ISO} cam at forum.utexas.edu
Mon Apr 8 14:06:21 GMT 2002

You can also lodge a complaint about a 4-1-9 scheme by
sending an e-mail to the U.S. Secret Service at:

	<419.fcd at usss.treas.gov>

However, I haven't noticed a big difference resulting from 
my weekly reports to their office...


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> I can't help you on the technical end, but on the 
> informative end you might find this useful: 
> http://www.utdallas.edu/ir/tcs/techsupp/nigeria.html
> It has links to the Secret Service site for reporting the 
> scams plus the premier 4-1-9 site on the web and to an AARP 
> page that explains the "pigeon drop" scam, upon which this 
> scam is based.
> Feel free to either link it or simply "steal" the whole 
> page to host it locally.

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