[unisog] Blocking NIGERIAN Fraud Spam

Kent Knudsen Kent-Knudsen at cis-gw.tamu.edu
Tue Apr 9 14:42:39 GMT 2002

Very nice page, Paul.  We have setup a similar web page for educating
our user community on Internet Hoaxes and use the "Nigerian Petroleum"
scam as an example.  You can view at the URL below:


Kind Regards,

Kent Knudsen, GSEC #0822
Office of Information Resources Security
Computing & Information Services (ITIM)
Texas A&M University

>>> Paul Schmehl <pauls at utdallas.edu> 04/05/02 05:25PM >>>
I can't help you on the technical end, but on the 
informative end you might find this useful:

It has links to the Secret Service site for reporting the 
scams plus the premier 4-1-9 site on the web and to an AARP 
page that explains the "pigeon drop" scam, upon which this 
scam is based.

Feel free to either link it or simply "steal" the whole 
page to host it locally.

Paul Schmehl (pauls at utdallas.edu)
Supervisor of Support Services
The University of Texas at Dallas
AVIEN Founding Member

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