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Patrick Aland paland at stetson.edu
Wed Apr 10 14:49:34 GMT 2002

I've used activestate perl to run it.

You need to get the Win32::Perms and Win32::Lanman libraries (IIRC). A google
search should help you track them down. I don't have the links off hand.
They aren't in the ACtivestate CPAN type utility.

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 10:20:27AM -0400, Stephen Tihor wrote:
> I have been trying to use the nul.pl perl script to detect blank admin
> passwords but seem to be having problems running it on a windows machine as it
> seems to want.   Its definitely missing some libraries if runudner AcivePerl. 
> has anyoe run it inthat context and if so whichPerl port and libraries did you
> load to do so?

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