[unisog] Mail Gateway Anti-Virus Products

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Wed Apr 10 17:58:28 GMT 2002

I had a request to summarize the responses I received for
this topic.

Most of the responses I received were also posted to the list.

> 1) What product are you using and on what server/gateway platform?

There were very few products in common in the responses.

> 2) How effective has it been?

All were deemed very effective except those that based their decisions 
solely on attachment types rather than actual virus signature checking.
Even those stopped a lot of malware. (We're blocking close to 250
virus carrying messages a day in such a configuration but are looking
for a signature type solution.)

> 3) How stable has it been?

With one exception, everyone was satisfied with the stability.
The one exception was running an out of date product.

> 4) How much did it affect mail gateway/server performance?

Perl utilities had a definite impact. Others expressed
either that impact was minimal or that the products were
installed as part of a new hardware upgrade so comparisons
couldn't be made.

> 5) The approximate pricing.

No pricing information was given.

Gary Flynn
Security Engineer - Technical Services
James Madison University

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