[unisog] Handling Rejected eMail Notifications

William D. Colburn (aka Schlake) wcolburn at nmt.edu
Wed Apr 10 21:04:17 GMT 2002

I wrote my own milter, and I bypass this problem entirely.  People often
suggest I add notification, or offer to add it for me, but I always

My milter scans the message and either accepts or rejects it during the
SMTP transaction.  If the message is accepted, then it continues on its
way without a problem.  The message is rejected, then the reply code for
the final "." is an error, and the remote MTA is left holding the bag
for notification.  It is much cleaner from my end, since I don't need to
attempt to locate the original sender.

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 02:20:37PM -0500, Christopher A Bongaarts wrote:
> In a similar vein: our email virus detection software sends out
> notices to senders of viruses saying "the message you sent had a
> virus".  If someone sends a message to a mailing list that has a virus
> (or, as just noted, something that "looks" like a virus :), the
> notification gets sent back to the SMTP envelope sender - in the case
> of mailing lists, this is usually the "-request" or "-owner" address.
> It seems that nowadays mailing list software often tries to automate
> the removal of bouncing addresses from their lists.  These virus
> notifications are often mistaken by the mailing list software for
> undeliverable notifications.  Thus, a user who happens to be on a
> mailing list to which someone sends a virus ends up getting
> unsubscribed through no fault of their own.

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