[unisog] Infected windows boxes with IRC controlled trojans on them

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Wed Apr 10 22:45:14 GMT 2002

No, we haven't seen any of this, and we've been looking. 
We block 135-139 UDP/TCP and 445 UDP/TCP.

--On Wednesday, April 10, 2002 5:44 PM -0400 Gary Flynn 
<flynngn at jmu.edu> wrote:

> Mark Newman wrote:
>> Can anyone comment on the method of exploit?
>> Admin shares and anonymous enumeration have been the
>> commonality with machines here...but, *how* was this
>> done?
> Along the same vein, I'd like to know if anyone that
> blocks netbios at  the Internet border has seen this.

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