Personal Firewall Mini Survey Results

Wilfred L. Camilleri, CISSP wilfred.camilleri at
Fri Apr 12 14:10:15 GMT 2002

Following are the results from the mini survey posted to this list.
There were 16 responses. Results are listed below.

Thanks to all those who took the time to respond to the posting.


Personal Firewall Mini Survey Results:

The survey asked the following two questions:

1.  Does the institution recommend firewall software to its users?
    a) If so, what products are recommended? 
2.  Does the institution provide licensed firewall software to its users?
    a) If so, which firewall software is made available?
    b) Is the software provided free or at cost?
    c) What level of support is provided to the user?

      1      1a          2      2a	         2b    2c             

1.    Yes    ZoneAlarm   No                        -
2.    Yes    ZoneAlarm   Yes    ZoneAlarm(1) (2)   Little/none
	                          Tiny PFW
3.    No                 No                        No             
4.    No                 No                        No
5.    Yes    ZoneAlarm   No                        Little/none
6.    Yes    ZoneAlarm   Yes    ZoneAlarm    Cost  Little/none
7.    No                 No                        No
8.    Yes    ZoneAlarm   Yes    ZoneAlarm    Cost  Yes
9.    No     ZoneAlarm   No                        No
10.   No                 No                        No
11.   Yes    Various     No(3)                     Little/none    
12.   -                  Yes(4) Symantec(Win)      -              
13.   Yes    ZoneAlarm   No                        None
             Tiny PFW
14.   Yes(5) Symantec    No                        No
15.   Yes(6) Various     No                        No
16.   Yes    Various(7)  No                        No

(1) Currently discussing licensing with Zone Labs. 
(2) Haven't decide on whether to charge departments for the software.
(3) Evaluating wider distribution. Discussed licensing with Zone Labs.
(4) Limited pilot distribution.
(5) Personal firewalls are only recommended fir users using their computers 
    for extensive file sharing.
(6) Recommends purchasing BalckICE (at a discounted price) or to use the 
    ZoneAlarm freeware.
(7) No specific recommendations.

Issues include:
- the users ability to understand and manage a firewall effectively
- resources required to provide support to non-technical users/neophytes

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