MSN Messenger (was: Personal Firewalls)

Paul Russell prussell at
Fri Apr 12 22:47:44 GMT 2002

The NTBUGTRAQ list had some recent postings on this topic, with links to two
articles in The Register. One article tells how to make MSN Messenger appear 
on the Add/Remove Programs control panel, so you can uninstall it cleanly. 
The other tells how to disable MSN Messenger without removing it. Neither 
option is bullet-proof, because it is only a matter of time before MS 
releases a patch that re-installs or re-enables Messenger.

On 11 April 2002, Ransel Yoho <ransel at> wrote:
>However, I found that after applying an update from MS for their
>AIM-like software, i.e. MS instant messenger, MS opened ports for it,
>even though it was not running. In particular, the update opens
>the following ports:
>        msmsgs 10875 TCP
>        mssmgs 11488 UDP

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