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Richard Hopkins Richard.Hopkins at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Apr 17 07:40:39 GMT 2002

In addition to the excellent stuff posted to the list so far, note that 
there are a couple of good documents by Claus A?mann which describe the 
steps. Start at...


and follow the pointer to...


We implemented it here at Bristol in May 2001...



--On Friday, April 05, 2002 10:19 AM -0800 Steve VanDevender 
<stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu> wrote:

> Joseph Brennan writes:
>  > I disagree with the comment regarding AUTH.  Sendmail does have a
> switch  > that permits plain text AUTH conditional on the channel being
> encrypted.  > This is what we are going to do, using the unix username
> and password  > (using PAM on Solaris 8).
> I'd love to know how to do that.  I've had other people say that
> TLS can be made a prerequisite to authentication, but no one has
> actually described in detail how it is done and I haven't been able to
> puzzle it out from the Sendmail documentation.

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