[unisog] Rogue DHCP and nmap

Doug Nelson nelson at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue Apr 23 21:36:19 GMT 2002

> Hi,
>         We had some fun tracking a rogue DHCP server down and did a nmap
> on our subnet for UDP port 67. We ended up 2-3 computers but only 1 of
> them was actually the culprit. Does anyone have experience with this?
> Aside from the false positives, we believe that this is a pretty effective
> way of remotely looking for a rogue DHCP server and will probably use it
> in the future since it beats plugging something into the subnet and
> logging. Comments?

My usual approach with rogue DHCP is to enlist the help of the victims.
>From an affected computer, you can easily get the DHCP server's IP
address, and from that you can normally obtain the Ethernet address.  In
most cases, I can then consult my Ethernet/IP database and find a match.
Failing that, it's a matter of tracing the Ethernet address to a switch
and port.

Our Student Network Support staff is pretty adept at walking users
through these steps and communicating back with my group.

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