Request for feedback: Network Security Principles

John Kristoff jtk at
Thu Jan 3 19:39:41 GMT 2002


The new INFOSEC group at DePaul is busy writing policies and all sorts
of documentation in a format similar to the Internet standards process,
but it is only aimed at the DePaul University community (and our stuff
probably won't be read by our constituents enough either :-).  Although
much of the documentation is for private use only (e.g. incident
response procedures), there is some that is considered public.

One in particular that I'm drafting is called Network Security
Principles, which I'd like to share in hopes of getting some feedback
from this group (Joe S, hopefully you'll be one).  Its fairly high level
and focuses on network layer security design and implementation
concerns.  I think its mostly baked, but perhaps people here will find
some major points that I hadn't considered.

Send feedback to me and I can summarize to the group in a couple of
weeks.  The most recent draft:


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