[unisog] fw: insecure wireless LAN deployment at .edu

Matt Grover matt at ufl.edu
Fri Jan 25 22:32:36 GMT 2002

Daniel Poulsen wrote:
> What about physical security in a WLAN environment?   Being an urban
> University, we have some concerns that some of our Access Points might just
> "walk off".   We are considering plastic enclosures, but are unsure about the
> effects on RF.   Thats not to say that a plastic enclosure could foil a
> determined thief, but at least it would be proof of forced entry.
> I'd be interested in hearing some of the precautions other .edu's are taking
> to physically secure their wireless devices.
> Dan Poulsen
> UW-Milwaukee

We've worked with a company to develop lockable metal enclosures for our 
access points to help prevent "walk off".  They were designed to fit the
Cisco Aironet AP's but will work for other AP's as well.  I'm sure they would 
also be willing to modify the design if necessary.  It allows them to be
reasonably secured but still accessible for maintenance if need be.  
If anyone is interested feel free to contact me or you can reach them 
directly through:

Mike Ward
mike at brondertech.com

I tried to attach some pictures but the listserv won't pass them due to file 
size limitations but I can  get some for any who might be interested.

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